Online Learning Class
from 125.00

Online learning classes are offered only to current 6-10yo and 11-14yo students who are unable to attend regular classes but would like to keep up during the summer, or to new students who would like to join the next level in the next session. Students can choose to take an online learning class that covers 3 or 6 lessons by the end of the summer. Students are given classroom materials to work on and finish at home during each session. Students are required to meet with their instructor online up to 3 times throughout the summer (30 min each time) to check for progress, go over lesson materials, and be assessed by the instructor before moving to the next level. Please contact our office for more information before enrolling in this class.

6-10yo: Pre-requisite course | TBA
11-14yo: Pre-requisite course | TBA

$125, covered 3 lessons per 1 session
$245, covered 6 lessons per 1 session