Our Chinese Immersion Preschool delivers an interactive, experiential, and creative environment to launch students on their educational trajectory. Through learning Chinese, we provide a foundation for students to develop a passion for learning and become confident with their own ability to learn as they begin their educational journey. 


  • Chinese uses simpler number words & expresses math concepts more clearly than English
  • English verbiage have been linked in recent studies to weaker arithmetic skills
  • Chinese has nine numeral names that are significant to its value, while English has over two dozen which are based solely on memorization.   

Reading and Comprehension

  • Stronger working memory
  • Score higher on many cognitive tests than children who speak only English
  • Develop a deeper understanding of the structure of language in literacy skills


  • People who speak & write Mandarin Chinese use both temporal lobes of their brain
  • The sequential movement of the fingers & hand to form a character activates neural activity in the spatial memory of the brain
  • Train a host of cognitive abilities not utilized in the study of other languages

Chinese vs. English Academic Chart


Early Start:
Learning a second language as early as possible will boost a child's overall cognitive development and school performance.

  1. Family Support: Providing supportive and interactive learning environment both at school and at home will motivate a child to succeed in learning a second language.
  2. Curriculum: Focusing not only on second language but also creating a love for learning, a strong academic foundation, social, emotional and cognitive development, fine motor skills, individualized programs, and overall character building.
  3. Experiential Learning: Finding the child's learning style and building his/her social & emotional, cognitive, motor and life skills, which are important keys to a child‘s success in learning a second language.